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Liner Notes

My dad had plenty of records featuring large orchestras playing classical music on both 33 ⅓ RPM vinyl LPs and 78 RPM Shellac records.

The Reader’s Digest liner notes for this seven record box set starts off…quote…the nineteenth century was just opening in Vienna when the fist of an implacable genius knocked like destiny upon the doors of music. unquote.

They were, of course, talking about the immortal Ludwig Van Beethoven.

His symphonies live on in performances to this very day. In fact we saw the Cleveland orchestra perform his fifth symphony earlier this year.

So, get ready to hear the man who is said to have set music free in Volume 182: Beethoven’s 1st & 2nd.

Video Intro

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Credits and Copyrights:

Beethoven, René Leibowitz, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, The Beecham Choral Society – The Nine Symphonies Of Beethoven
Label: Reader’s Digest – RD 4-6, RCA Custom – RD 4-6 (1-7)
Format: 7 x Vinyl, LP, Box Set
Released: 1966
Genre: Classical
Style: Romantic, Choral

We will hear 4 of the 8 movements from the first record which includes Symphonies number 1 and 2.

Symphony No. 1 In C Major, Op. 21
First Movement – Adagio Molto; Allegro Con Brio
Second Movement – Andante Cantabile Con Moto

Symphony No. 2 In D Major, Op. 36
Second Movement – Larghetto
Third Movement – Scherzo
Fourth Movement – Allegro Molto

I do not own the rights to this music. ASCAP, BMI licenses provided by third-party platforms for music that is not under Public Domain.

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