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Former DJ Trying His Hand at a Podcast

Although I’m currently working in public relations and marketing, I spent 16 years in radio broadcasting. Some of that as a news and sports reporter, but mostly as a disk jockey.

My first two years in radio were spent learning from giants in the business at the nation’s number one nostalgia station, WBBG in Cleveland. That station is now long off the air.

From 1982 to 1984 I worked with and for my father’s favorite 1950s DJ Bill Randle, who helped put Elvis Presley on the musical map north of the Mason Dixon line. My dad was so excited when I told him I would be the intern writing his newscasts. Even after I took a full time position at the station, I relished the opportunities to have conversations with Bill about the radio business. He once told me a great Elvis story as I drove him to the bus station for one of his weekend trips.

I also can’t forget the influences of other on air legends like Carl Reece and Ted Alexander who now has his own internet show of oldies.

This collection isn’t made up of just a bunch of albums I found in my dad’s house after he died. I listened to these albums. Mostly at Sunday dinners. But I wore a few of these out on my own turntable. So I know this collection and I think you’re going to enjoy some of the unique selections.

My dad and I had very similar taste in a lot of music. I also have over 400 albums in my personal collection. Even after his death I found some of my albums in his collection and visa versa.

I consider myself a bit of an amateur music historian. I’ve always loved music that came way before I was born, although I’m still partial to Led Zeppelin.

Additionally, extra understanding and appreciation of much of what you will hear in my dad’s collection came from a great upper level class I had in college: The History of Jazz.

I do know one thing. It will be fun to get behind a microphone again and share some great recordings.

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