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My dad left us in 2019. He left ME with nearly 500 vinyl records. What better way to remember him than to create a podcast listening to this unique album collection.

The collection is extensive and eclectic and was gathered from the 1940s through the 1970s. We will listen to selections from an album each week, as is, with skips, scratches, and pops included.

I’ll tell stories about the family listening to these albums, usually during Sunday dinner. I’ll also give other information about the album and the era it was released.

Each weekly episode will include a video intro:

You’ll get a player hooked to my PodBean Podcast Episode page:

And a link to the video version of the podcast on YouTube:

Why do this?

Being a radio and mobile DJ for a decade and a half, I had collected several hundred albums. I had nothing on my dad who owned 478 (33 1/3) LPs and dozens of 78s at the time of his death in December 2019. I had no idea he had so many. We found them spread all over the house when we prepared for the estate sale. I went through every one and categorized them on an app called Discogs. I thought so many were unique, I decided to start a podcast called Spinning My Dad’s Vinyl. Each episode will feature an album. I’ll tell stories about the family listening to these albums and I’ll give other info about the album and the time it was released.

Why does each week’s volume drop at 3P on Sundays? Because that’s when we ate dinner and listened to the vast majority of the music you will hear. So this music reminds me of Sunday family dinners. 

Credits and Copyrights:

I’ll give you the link to the Discogs.com album page here.

This area will list the album details, the tunes chosen for the episode along with the composers.

ASCAP, BMI licenses provided by third-party platforms for music that is not under Public Domain.

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