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Yes, my parents did have a serious side when it came to music.

My parents had all the biggies, You know…real toe-tappers. Vivaldi, Bach, Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich.

And THIS very nice record with two composers who were on the cusp between the classical and romantic eras of music in the early 1800s. Let’s really go back into musical time with Volume 16: Beethoven and Schubert

Ludwig van Beethoven’s 5th Symphony was written between 1804 and 1808. It was a significant work because it was composed during the transition from the Classical to the Romantic Period. It is important because it represents the culmination of the Classical Era, and the ignition of the Romantic Era.

Click here to get to the promised link to a great bio webpage on Beethoven.

Franz Schubert’s Symphony No. 8 may be the most famous unfinished work in the symphonic repertoire. Because of the depth of feeling and drama of the work it has been called the first Romantic era symphony by some.

One was a pallbearer for the other, then died a year later.

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Credits and Copyrights:

Schubert / Beethoven / Viennese Symphonic And Salzburg Festival Orchestras / Hans Wolf And H. Arthur Brown ‎– Unfinished Symphony No.8 In B Minor / Fifth Symphony In C Minor, Opus 67
Label: Paris ‎– ALBUM 9
Format: Vinyl, LP, Mono
Released: 1956
Genre: Classical

Allegro Con Brio
Beethoven: Symphony No.5 In C Minor, Op.67
Conductor – Hans Wolf (8)
Orchestra – Viennese Symphonic Orchestra

Andante Con Moto
Franz Schubert’s Symphony No.8 In B Minor (Unfinished)
Conductor – H. Arthur Brown
Orchestra – The Salzburg Festival Orchestra

Finale Allegro
Beethoven: Symphony No.5 In C Minor, Op.67
Conductor – Hans Wolf (8)
Orchestra – Viennese Symphonic Orchestra

ASCAP, BMI licenses provided by third-party platforms for music that is not under Public Domain.

Photo Credits:
Three Lions / Stringer/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

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