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Welcome to a 78 RPM Sunday. Yes, I know 78 RPM records were made from shellac, not vinyl. But I wasn’t going to completely ignore the more than 100 of the original record format – disks in his collection. I even played them back for the digitizing process using a manual 1917 Victrola. So get ready to crank that handle up to get the disk spinning in Volume 117: 8 Sides From Victor.

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Credits and Copyrights:

Since Henry Ford Apologized to Me – The Happiness Boys
Pastafazoola – The Happiness Boys

Down by the Sheltering Palms – Swing and Sway with Sammy Kaye
Lavender Blue – Swing and Sway with Sammy Kaye

Just for now – The Three Suns
A Lovely Rainy Afternoon – The Three Suns

And the Angels Sing – Benny Goodman
I Sent for you Yesterday and Here You Come Today – Benny Goodman

I do not own the rights to this music. ASCAP, BMI licenses provided by third-party platforms for music that is not under Public Domain.

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